Traditional Timber Flooring and Reclaimed Timbers
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“We Make Traditional Flooring For You”

  • Are you passionate about finding the right flooring for your property?
  • Do you need help sourcing unique timber and having it machined the way you want? 
  • Are you trying to achieve something special and personal to you?

If so please contact us today and we will listen to you.

Please browse some of our current stocks which include American White Oak and Red Oak, American Black Walnut, Southern Yellow Pine, Reclaimed Pitch Pine, Sugar Pine and Redwood.

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Oak Flooring

We Provide Great Choice in Oak Flooring

All our flooring uses only top quality Oak that has been sourced directly from the mill, where it is kiln dried and graded after been harvested from sustainably managed forests.

Oak Flooring, the most traditional of all timbers, has embodied strength, durability and longevity throughout the ages and its popularity remains as high as ever today.

At Kiltra Timber we take great care to give you a floor of lasting beauty.
Please Contact Us with your enquiry.

American White Oak

This is the most popular choice in flooring. Our stocks of White Oak are always plentiful and we aim to keep good choice in available sizes.
All the timber sold at Kiltra Timber is from sustainable sources.
We are currently stocking Oak from Erin, Tennessee as well as St. Loius, Missouri and South Carolina. We have long standing relations with a number of mills, most of which are family owned and operated. We bring the timber in directly from these mills by the container load.
We also stock some American Red Oak.

Oak is the hardest and toughest wearing of all the timbers that we stock.
Oak stains well and can successfully be lightened or darkened to reflect current trends and preferences.

Southern Yellow Pine

A Strong, Durable and Beautiful Pine

We source our Southern Yellow Pine from South Carolina. It is the same species as the prized reclaimed pitch pine but has not had the chance to grow to a great age and accumulate the same amount of resin.

It is generally available in long lengths and typically board widths of 5" or 8".

It is not an expensive timber and can be a great way of getting solid wood flooring into large areas.

Also available to be run with TG&V profile for sheeting walls.

American Black Walnut

Sourced in Tennessee this is a scarce and valuable timber

Walnut displays the most beautiful grain pattern with natural highlights.

It is ideally suited to elegant rooms in properties of grandeur.

Reclaimed Flooring

The ideal solution for the sympathetic renovation of historic properties

We source reclaimed beams from old buildings such as cotton mills, warehouses, breweries and distilleries.
The type of timber can vary and can include reclaimed Douglas, Baltic Redwood, Sugar Pine, Victorian Pine.
Sometimes the old beams are sawn to preserve the original face and aged patina, other times they are sawn to display the timber.

Please contact us to discuss current stock.

Reclaimed Pitch Pine

Unique, Scarce and at least 200 years of growing and a further 200 years in a building prior to reclamation

Proven to stand the test of time. Pitch Pine continues to stay strong in buildings built over 200 years ago.
No Pitch Pine is available as new timber. The only current source is reclaimed from beams of old buildings.
Kiltra Timber import large beams, full of metal that are cleaned and re-sawn for use as flooring.
Please check out our completed projects section to view past projects where Pitch Pine flooring from Kiltra has assisted the refurbishment of important heritage buildings.

For further information on this unique timber refer to our dedicated page.

Osmo Oil

Kiltra Timber are stockists of Osmo Oil.
Osmo Polyx is the best suited to display the natural beauty of the timber.
If a particular colour is desirable please check out all stains available from Osmo.