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Pitch Pine

High Quality Reclaimed Pitch Pine Flooring

Milled from salvaged beams, timber with this age and character is indreasingly difficult to find. At Kiltra Timber we take great care to source the best quality Pitch Pine with high resin content, tight grain and rich colour.

This reclaimed flooring is particularly beautiful and is increasingly hard to source. It is highly sought after to those who understand flooring because of its exceptional beauty and stability.

Pitch Pine is the Heart Pine from Southern Yellow Pine but it is much denser and contains more resin than New Heart Pine (also in stock at Kiltra Timber)due to the age and quantity of heart wood.

Pitch Pine is generally considered to be recycled timber from first generation trees (trees that were standing when the first settlers landed in the 1600’s). It is believed that there were 80.000.000 acres of these trees used in the building industry up to 1900. Trees used after that are generally considered second generation trees. They were not as large and did not contain the same quantity of dense heart wood.

We have just secured a new supply of top grade Pitch Pine and as of June 2013 we have good stocks again.

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